Jessica Warner

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January 2019


Klink, klink, klink. The sound echoes through the courtyard as Chris James hammers away on the anvil. A chestnut brown Shire horse waits patiently nearby for his new shoe. His hands are burly and gnarled and blacked with grime but... Continue Reading →


The Last Gift

The cold air prickles my skin as we walk in. My nose wrinkle. It’s not quite the same antiseptic scent of the hospital. Bouncing one baby sister on my hip, I coo softly as the other sleeps peacefully in the... Continue Reading →

The Book

“Run!” Mavern pushing hard to reach the tunnel's mouth, wedges himself against the stone door slowing its roll into position. “Come On, hurry up! His voice cracks watching as Gus and Willian rush the doorway as it slams shut. Panting... Continue Reading →

Welcome 2019

New Year, New Dreams, that's what they always say. Never mind who they are, it just matters that it makes sense and it works for me. I'm launching new dreams here on this blog. I've been writing the last nine... Continue Reading →

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